Christmas inspired pop-up bar Miracle comes to a city near you

Driving to see christmas lights doesn’t amaze you anymore? Feel like you need a CC of candy cane and sugar plums to resuscitate your listless holiday spirit? Well I have that remedy, and luckily it comes in a cocktail. The annual Miracle pop-up bar will blast you into the christmas mood with their thousands of ornaments and several holiday themed cocktails.

This is one of many walls layered with gifts from Miracle at Ever Bar

Established in 2014 by Greg Boehm, the pop up was held at his New York City bar, Mace. True to the old saying, “mothers know best,” Boehm received the idea from his mother while he was building the bar. For the month of December he halted construction, filled the space with an unreasonable amount of decorations and created a cocktail list bubbling with holiday nostalgia.

Boehm’s first Miracle pop-up bar became a momentous success, almost as quickly as those christmas songs burrow into you head. More than a place where guests would merely blast their social media, the bar was the perfect outlet for patrons to ingress into craft cocktails. After the first year the pop-up extended to four bars and now its grown to more than 90 locations worldwide.

Now more than ever you’re more likely to find this bar in your neck of the woods. Here’s the list for it’s locations around the globe.

Miracle at the Ever Bar

As for my experience at Los Angeles’s Miracle pop-up I’m happy to report it was exactly what I expected. After walking into the Ever Bar I was overjoyed to see the amount of holiday ornaments and these craft cocktails weren’t a gimmick. From the dozens of presents assembled to create a 12-foot tall christmas tree to the blow up christmas bulb chandelier, the atmosphere was excessively decorated.

Didn’t have to wait for service that late afternoon at Ever Bar

I ordered a bad santa which had a punch of overproof rum and pineapple. It was a hot drink which I don’t have much experience with other than a rum toddy, but I’d definitely order it again if there wasn’t so many other cocktails to try. The mere smell of it could make your eyes water with what I guess is different mulling spices. However it never felt overbearing. 

My favorite quirky cocktails names: “Yippie Ki Yay Mother******” and “Christmapolitan.”

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