Brewed Mai Tais? Order Up!

Reconstructing traditional ideas on what a tiki bar looks like is natural for Nashville’s famous tropical bar Chopper. This “robot friendly” bar kept the bamboo cladded bartop, palm fronds and tiki mugs, but dropped the garish exoticization. In collaboration with Southern Grist Brewing Co. Chopper has done it again, by reimagining a mai tai and turning it into a sour beer with layers of tropical fruit flavors — it’s the perfect summer sipper.

With a golden color this milkshake sour ale is filled with lime puree, lavender, orange puree, almonds and a touch of banana, which gives it a tropical undertone of flavors while simultaneously balances the tartness of the beer. 

This beer is the perfect companion for a hammock and a gentle breeze. Anyone who loves sour ale will enjoy it.  And for those who disfavor those tart territories in beer they’ll be surprised how mild the sourness is. 

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