A Tour Infused with Creativity

So you’ve never been to a micro distillery tasting room? Let me tell you of one that’ll make the child in you think they’ve received the golden ticket. No we aren’t going to the chocolate factory, but this distillery has as much imagination as Willy.

It’s called Lost Spirits, and from their alcohol to their atmosphere, they send your imagination through fantastical worlds.  

The adult in you will fall heavily for their awarded rums and whiskeys, intentionally distilled to taste like famous places in fiction. For example, one rum was creatively inspired to taste like rum from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Calypso's Room - Dario Griffin_preview.jpg
Plundered treasures and rum fill this pirate themed tasting room (Image: Dario Griffin)

The child in you would love how it teleports you out of Los Angeles’ yuppy arts district and into a boat ride in the jungle. Yes that’s right, a boat ride and a jungle inside a distillery. From one tasting room to another, all rooms imitate famous fictional places such as Doctor Moreau’s jungle hut and Calypso’s room from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Don’t worry there’s no vivisection in this Island of Doctor Moreau themed tasting room  (Image: Laurel Dailey) 

There’s even more to this distillery which has been awarded “Best Distillery Tour in the World” from multiple institutions. But you’ll have to wait for my full review of this place later this month.

15 thoughts on “A Tour Infused with Creativity

  1. I am wondering how we would know what the rum tasted like, in a film. 🙂
    (I have never seen it though, so maybe they give a clue)
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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    1. It’s mostly their imagination but they did their homework. They know a lot about the history of rum, and for their rum they watched the film several times taking notes every time rum was In a scene.

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  2. A most enjoyable written review of this distillery.

    As soon as I saw the title of your blog Distill My Beating Heart, I immediately clicked Follow even before I read this blog post.

    Anyone who comes up with a blog title like Distill My Beating Heart is right up my alley (or “Up yours, Orson” as TV talk show host Merv Griffin once said to the great Orson Welles when Welles said to Griffin, “That’s right up your alley, Merv.”).

    And after reading this post, I love your review.

    This distillery sounds right up my alley as well.

    If I ever visit Los Angeles in the future, I’ll be sure to drop in.

    I’m very relieved to hear there’s no vivisection in the Island of Dr. Moreau themed tasting room.

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  3. Thanks for following me. Just to make it official, you’ve never taken a distillery tour in Kentucky, have you? Nothing in the world beats Kentucky Bourbon, ya know! Seriously, it’s good to see someone writing about distillery tours, I guess even the ones that are NOT here in my state! Just kiddin’. They are interesting, informative and the best part is the tasting

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    1. Of course. No I have not, but man would that be an amazing state to go. Yeah my posts about micro distilleries are stuck to the greater area of LA, but I’d love to write about out of state distilleries.


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